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Notary Public

Notary publics witness the signing of important documents and verify the identity of the signer(s), their willingness to sign the documents, and their awareness of the contents of the document or transaction. Institutions rely upon notaries so they may have full faith in important documents.


Notaries are not attorneys and cannot validate or qualify documents as to their legality. The purpose of notarizing a SIGNATURE of a document signer is to assure that the person signing the document meets the legal requirements of identity established by the state where the notarization is performed.


What Does it Mean to Have Something Notarized? A Notary Public's seal indicates on a document indicates it has been notarized. It's the Notary Public's role to verify the identity of the person signing the document. The Notary will also confirm the signatory understands the meaning of what she or he is signing.


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