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We are rated San Diego, CA Most Trusted Auto Registration Service company that can handle all of your San Diego DMV Services. Our team of Vehicle Registration Specialist can handle all your DMV NEEDS promptly.


We believe Thing like Vehicle Registration, CAR Registration, AUTO Registration, Lien Sales, CA Title Transfer, and or Out of State Title Transfer Should not take too much of your time in any given day to complete.

Whether you need to renew your expired auto registration,  request duplicate title, or do a lien sale; we are here for all of your auto registration needs.


By focusing in on these services we are able to get car owners back on the road much faster than a regular SAN DIEGO DMV. Average time we take is 10 minutes to get you in and out. We believe you don't have to wait any longer. We can take care of your DMV paper work. Call our UMI Auto Registration experts for express service.



CALL NOW !-(619)-777-0338

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